Learn The Insider’s Secrets of Getting Recruited

Without Wasting $10,000s on Exposure, Recruiting Services or Other Places That Don’t Deliver Results

Get RECRUITED Without Wasting $1,000s

RECRUITED was started with one purpose in mind - to shake up the recruiting industry.

For too long, the college sports industry has been an absolute mess.

Everyone is shouting different things you "have" to do if you want your kid to play in college, and most don't really know what they're talking about.

Some are relying on information that worked great in the 1990s, but not at all today.

Others are just repeating the same things they've heard, without any basis in what's true. 

"You need to go to showcases"

"You need to hire a recruiting service"

"You need to email as many coaches as possible"

All false.

We are here to right the wrongs of recruiting, and show everyday people what REALLY matters in the recruiting world (hint - most of it doesn't).